Things Abled People Have Said to Disabled People (Part 2)

Hey ya’ll,

My first Things Abled People Have Said to Disabled People was such a big hit I decided to do it again. So here’s part 2:

  • If you just prayed hard enough you could walk.
  • While walking in my braces at a hospital one of the valet drivers started yelling, “Run Forrest, run!” at me then laughing.
  • Have you tried Lasik eye surgery? It worked for my mom, aunt, dad etc
  • My spouse said to me *they* were not ready for me to be a wheelchair user never mind the fact that *I’m* ready myself.
  • Oh you wear glasses? You can’t be blind.
  • When I came back to work after surgery I overheard my manager asking why I came back and still needed my white cane. They said I shouldn’t come back until I didn’t need it anymore. I’m blind, I’m always going to need my cane.
  • You would be so much prettier with contacts.
  • When people grab my wheelchair and try to push/shove me places without acknowledging me or asking me where I am going or if I need help.
  • You should get a seeing eye dog. All blind people have them. (No all blind people do not have them.)
  • Random people have handed me money.
  • “We know what’s best for you.” said to me, a disabled adult, by a social worker.
  • Being told everything is accessible, only to get there and find out that it is not even the slightest bit accessible has happened to me many times.
  • Everything is accessible, but the bathroom is upstairs and there is no elevator.
  • Everything is accessible except there are videos without captions and/or large print options available.
  • You’ll want to keep your weight down to make it easier on you and anyone who has to help you. Said to someone who struggles with an eating disorder already.
  • It’s all in your head. While I’m in the middle of a panic attack.
  • My *insert random person here* had that and they were fine. Why aren’t you?
  • When I tell people about my C-PTSD diagnosis and how I developed it, “And you’re still alive? Damn.”
  • A therapist told me I’m too pretty to have BPD or Fibromyalgia.
  • When I was in my young teen years (probably 14?) a woman walked up to me in the grocery store, touched my face and my arm and then asked me if I could have sex.
  • That’s not a service dog, you’re not blind.
  • Every single time I need to use a disabled bathroom stall,”I’m so sorry! I was only in there a minute!” Every. Single. Time. And I know not all disabilities are visible, but if you feel the need to apologize for using it, clearly you did not need to use it. Or the amount of times employees are using the disabled stall for their makeup/phone talk etc.

That’s all for now, if ya’ll want me to do a part 3 let me know! And if you missed part 1 you can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Things Abled People Have Said to Disabled People (Part 2)

  1. You know it’s weirdly hard to post a comment? I tried to, was prompted for a login, then switched to WordPress for that login, which I don’t remember.

    I would have commented: I’ve noticed that handicap signs have inexplicably disappeared from the large bathroom stalls built specifically to accommodate disabled persons. I don’t feel I can say anything to able bodies anymore. I do jump the line however to stand in front of it and wait for the person to come out. I may or may not glare at them disapprovingly, LOL


    1. Odd. WordPress has made a lot of changes in recent years and a lot of them are not positive.

      Yeah It irks me when peoples see me headed for a bathroom and run in front of me just as we get there then take the stall I obviously need. Or the time the lady held the door for me and then slammed the disabled stall door in my face right as I reached it with an “oops! Sorry I didn’t realize!” when she was done.


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