Things Abled People Have Said to Disabled People Part 3

Ya’ll asked for it and here it is: Things Abled People Have Said to Disabled People Part 3:

  • Do you have a license to drive that thing?
  • Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket in that thing?
  • Who’d you piss off to end up in that thing?
  • Why aren’t you walking yet?
  • Well, you know, God just does that to people sometimes.
  • Maybe you were Hitler in a past life or something.
  • While looking at romance books in a book store, “People like you don’t need to be reading books like that. Read this instead.” Then proceeded to hand me a copy of Me Before You.
  • “Did you get with her before or after the accident?” (Asked to my husband at the time with me sitting next to him.) Him: “What accident?” Them, “Oh so you got with her knowing….” Him: “That she’s a beautiful woman? Yeah I knew that from day one.”
  • It must be hard for you being half a person and all.
  • When two wheelchair users are in the same place, “Ya’ll should race!”
  • How tall are you? You’re really short!
  • Do you speak English!?!?! Shouted in my face when I refused to acknowledge people making rude comments.
  • You don’t sound like you’re in a wheelchair. (Said over the phone)
  • Are you really blind? You wear a lot of jewelry.
  • Why can’t you use your white cane to walk?
  • You don’t look disabled! Said to me while I was getting my son’s wheelchair out of my van. I was wearing dark sunglasses and said “Thanks! Most people notice right away that I’m blind!” I continued to feel my way around the van and helped my son while she stood there with her mouth hanging open.

If you missed part 2 or part 1 be sure to check them out!

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