It’s Been A Little While

I’ve been working hard for the last few months on my book. Now it’s finished and almost ready to be released.

You may have noticed a lot of design changes on my website. I’ve been slowly changing things when I have time.

There’s now an about page, four excerpts and the blurb for my book in the menu at the top of the page. Over the next few days, I’m going to add a page for reviews.

The amount of positive reviews has been overwhelming so I’ve decided to share them here as well as on my social media pages. I’m still doing this with no budget, but the positivity and love I have been surrounded with during this process has helped me tremendously. I’m aiming for an early-to-mid April release right now. It will depend on when my covers are ready and how quickly I can finalize the formatting and get everything uploaded with enough time to have at least a week of presale.

The elephant in the room is COVID-19 and I have to admit I’m terrified. I’ve had bronchitis four times in the last year, each one more severe than the last, and I know my lungs cannot handle this virus. My partner and I are self-isolating as much as possible, going as far as to cancel all nonessential doctor appointments and only talking to friends on the phone or in text. We have everything we need for now, but I wonder just how long all of this is going to last and if we’ll be okay until it’s over. All we can do is take it one day at a time. We are both severely immunocompromised and we know if we catch this we won’t be the lucky ones who survive it, so all we can do is avoid it as much as possible and hope it passes without coming into contact with us. Right now that’s not looking good, it’s been diagnosed in the county we live in more than once.

I’m worried not only for us but for our friends who are also immunocompromised. We are very aware some of us might not make it out of this and the thought is terrifying. Living in awareness but not letting the fear take over is a fine line to walk, but we’re doing our best. That’s all we can do right now.

If you’re immunocompromised please keep yourself safe and if you’re not please be aware of how many of your friends and family likely are. We need to keep each other safe right now. Things aren’t only about you, but those around you.

I’ve seen posts telling people to wear latex gloves in public to keep themselves safe and let me say DO NOT DO THAT! If you wear latex gloves in public you are doubling the chance that a lot of immunocompromised people will die. Latex allergies are real, they are severe and just having latex gloves in an open area where we might be can kill us. If you must wear gloves please choose a latex-free variant. There are plenty to choose from. Latex can stay in the air for hours after you leave, exposing everyone who has to go there. It takes something like 1/1000th the amount of latex in the air to kill someone as it would peanuts. Knowing people are doing this makes me even more fearful of going out because it’s not just getting to close to a person I have to avoid, but breathing and touching surfaces as well. Don’t be an asshole.