We’re All In This Together, Right?

I keep seeing people say, “we’re all in this together,” any time COVID-19 is brought up.

But, that’s a lie.


Because while you’re chanting, “we’re all in this together,” people like me are being left to die because there aren’t enough hospital beds and ventilators, hospitals are having to decide who lives and who dies solely based on prior health issues. Hospitals are enacting DNR policies for anyone who comes in with prior medical needs, even if they’re not relevant to COVID-19. Nurses and doctors don’t have the equipment to protect themselves, let alone their patients.

Because while you’re out there taking way more toilet paper and cleaning supplies than you could possibly need right now, people like me can’t get the supplies we actually DO need because they aren’t available.

Because while we’ve been asking politely for months that you stay home to stop the spread of this, you continued to say it was no big deal and kept going out and doing things that really could have waited. And it’s your inability to stay home that’s literally killing people like me. If there were fewer cases of this virus, these decisions wouldn’t have to be made. We tried, I tried, so many times to make you realize even if you could survive this, I couldn’t and you acted as if I was overreacting.

Because for decades people like me have been asking for basic accommodations for jobs, healthcare, housing and safety and we were denied, told it wasn’t possible or was too expensive and yet now when you need it not only is it suddenly possible it’s happening everywhere and it’s free. It was possible before, you just didn’t want to do it for us.

Because while you were totally comfortable screaming at us about why plastics and straws were bad, now you’re leaving gloves EVERYWHERE like it’s no big deal.

Because ultimately, you only give a damn when it affects you.

So no, we’re NOT “all in this together” when you’re willing to let some of us die just so you don’t have to deal with us.

Damn right I’m angry, somebody should be.