Health Update

Those of you who follow me on social media have no doubt seen my ER visits over the weekend.

For those that haven’t seen anything, long story short, I ended up in the ER Friday night and last night (Sunday) as well. I’ve gotten a ton of messages asking if I’m okay and what happened so here’s a brief explanation of the details I’m comfortable sharing.

Wednesday I saw my doctor for a kidney infection. I was prescribed an antibiotic and told if it wasn’t better by Friday to go to the ER. So, Friday when things hadn’t improved, I went to the ER. That night the ER doctor debated sending me to a bigger hospital, but decided against it because of COVID-19. If that’s confusing for you, remember I have Spina Bifida and my body functions differently than most. This infection progressed quickly and effectively left me unable to urinate. He was able to catherize me and wanted me to give the antibiotic a little more time, but ultimately when you can’t pee you don’t drink and if you don’t drink anything you can’t flush out the infection even if the antibiotic is working.

Sunday things still hadn’t improved so I went back. They changed my antibiotic and suggested I see a urologist. The nurse admitted under normal circumstances I would be admitted, but with COVID-19, they were trying not to admit anyone who doesn’t have it unless there was no other option. They sent me home with an order to call my doctor first thing today.

This morning, I called my doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow and I’ll get a referral to a urologist then.

Now as someone with Spina Bifida, why don’t I already have a urologist? Because finding a urologist who accepts my insurance (Medicaid) is nearly impossible. I’ve been searching for one for three years (since I moved here) and didn’t locate one until Friday morning. There is still no guarantee this urologist will know anything about Spina Bifida or the surgeries I had as a child, but right now she is my only option.

There are urologists who specialize in Spina Bifida at the big hospital in downtown Nashville, (Vanderbilt) but they don’t accept my insurance, so getting in to see them is impossible. Yeah, that’s just as fucked up as it sounds. Most people with Spina Bifida rely on Medicaid for their insurance and the specialists quit accepting it for anyone over the age of 19. So us adults are screwed unless we’re lucky enough to find a semi-knowledgable doctor somewhere else.

So for now my focus is on my health and getting rid of this infection instead of promo and working on book three. But The Showdown is available now and I would love it if you checked it out even though I don’t have the energy to talk about it right now. Chronic illness life is fun, eh?

Anyway, that’s all for now.