Health Update (Post Surgery)

Yesterday was my emergency bladder surgery. Things did not go as planned, because it’s me and things never go as planned.

Only half of the surgery was able to be done as planned. There was simply too much scar tissue for her to finish with her plan. So I was sent home with multiple tubes coming out of multiple parts of my body, and zero idea of when they’ll be removed, which I am LIVID about. I understand things didn’t go as planned, but I’ve now been left with limited, unsafe mobility and no way to bathe even though I’m still covered in iodine. She had an emergency immediately after my surgery so I wasn’t even able to talk to her about what went wrong and now it’s the weekend so I won’t get any information until Monday at the earliest. The discharge paperwork was mostly empty (It didn’t even have my name on it) so other than an abundance of scar tissue being found I know nothing about the surgery or when I’m supposed to follow up with her. I will be calling Monday regardless.

I will say, the staff I dealt with yesterday was primarily good. They handled my PTSD to the best of their ability and made everything I asked for happen the way I needed to. It’s just the aftercare I’m concerned with.

I’m currently taking a social media break and all of my writing projects are on hold until I deal with this. Writing this is just easier than explaining it repeatedly.